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Tara Lynn

Tara Lynn's Photography Fine Art

Linden, MI


I have always liked taking photographs as far back as I can remember So when I Attended University of Alaska I took the opportunity to take several photography classes while earning my associate’s degree in business. My passion for photography grew even more and now I spend almost all my time with it.

Currently I use an Olympus E 410 /10 megapixel digital cameras and a Cannon EOS ELAN for film photography.

Although I took photography classes, nothing can teach me as well as teaching myself by reading, practice, and hard work. I am getting better every day and I will continue to get better every day until the day I die.

My motto is, the learning never stops.

I am not selling originals on FAA. However, If you would like to purchase an original please contact me through FAA or by email at taralynnsemail@gmail.com with the subject line ORF Purchase. Act now .ORF file sales are limited to ONE and will not be available in said format after the file has been sold. I retain all rights to the photo eg file and reserve the right to still sell it in jpg format. However, I do reserve the right to sell similar photos eg files but will never again sell the .ORF file that was purchased. Purchasing an ORF file gives you the buyer the ability to manipulate the image anyway you like and use it as many times as you like. However, when the buyer uses any part of the file or new file made from that file for anything at all I reserve the right to be granted credit for creating said file. Furthermore the file can not be used in a demeaning manner that would discredit or diminish me as a photographer or my work in anyway.


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